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Lesson 4: The Success Factors

In this Lesson you will learn more about the success factors that are relevant for the succesfull implementation of CI & MI in your company.

  • 1. Management must support the topic of Competitive Intelligence and act as mentor.
  • 2. KISS. Keep It Simple and Smart.
  • 3. First, find out what data exists within the enterprise.
  • 4. Work systematically and structurally.
  • 5. Have a central database (CI systems) available.
  • 6. Start Small – start from scratch and quickly bring good results
  • 7. First of all, start pragmatic/operative and produce rapid success, then boost strategic components.
  • 8. From day one, get the sales department on board.
  • 9. Define clear competences/responsibilities.
  • 10. Have Fun! Approach with fun and engagement.