Intelligence Consulting

We support companies in market and growth projects, based on our intelligence findings. Each project is cutomized and individually adapted to the company.

> Market analysis for offshore energy systems

After the big energy turnaround, the German energy industry faces great challenges, especially to identify new business areas. Against this backdrop, a large German power utility wanted to know which offshore energy generation systems are active on the market. These self-sufficient solutions do not require any electrical networks. Market analysis was not limited to solutions and new approaches in Germany or Europe, but research was carried out around the world. In the US and Australia in particular, a large number of systems and initiatives have been found.

> Analysis of the acceptance of an information platform

In addition to its existing service, a service company wanted to build an information platform for potential customers in the emerging markets. It was among other things also to win state institutions as partners and customers for the platform. An on-site research reveals that in China, the access of state employees to such an online platform was almost impossible. That insight had specific implications on the whole project scops.

> Market Potential Analysis Outsourcing Services

An international Outsourcing company wanted to find out how large the market potential in the defined market segments was and who their main competitors are. Based on the findings they reprioritized their go-to-market-strategy for this market segment.

> Customer analysis - Determination of the value proposition

By using a new product can offer a better service. With which message the new service should be positioned against the end customer. The corporate communications messages were analyzed and weighted as well as the customer requirements. In addition, this was still matched with the competition. The result was a value proposition and a service promise that the customer had introduced into his communication during product launch.

> Gamification helped to communicate a companies strategy

The subsidiary of a major telecommunication company wanted to educate and challenge their employees with their new corporate strategy. For this purpose, an existing strategy tool was adopted, which then represented the relevant influencing factors on the company and the individual "strategic pillars". The employees were able to take action and thus become more familiar with the components of the company strategy. There were also direct valuable feedbacks to the Management Board and the Strategy Department.

> Reorientation of a major industrial company

A large industrial company had to reorient itself on the market by means of external influencing factors. The project included the analysis of the company's existing business areas, the derivation of the local market potential and the assessment of the competitiveness of the individual service packages of the company.

For Market and Competitive Intelligence experts we are providing the following services:

Planning and Executing Intelligence programs

Q: How can we gather intelligence from the BRIC countries?

Benchmarking and Improving the Intelligence work within the firm

Q: Where do we rank with our Intelligence setup and efforts?

Setting up an Intelligence Center

Q: How can we setup the right processes?

Identifying and Implementing an Intelligence System / Chosing the right Competitive Intelligence Software

Q: Which system and tools should we use?
Q: Should we use specific Intelligence software?
Q: Are you looking for a tool that supports you in your CI processes?
Q: Which tools are used by which industries?
Q: What are the true benefits by using the tool?
Q: Which processes within the competitive intelligence cycle are supported?

In dealing with corporates around the globe we have seen plenty of CI software systems that performed well and others that failed.We have developed an assessment guide for the right competitive intelligence software depending on the size of your company and the industry and specialization field you are into.