Intelligence Research

Market analysis

Analyze the market and the competition

  • Are you looking for information on new markets?
  • Interested why your competitor is more successful than your company?
  • Do you wonder what your customers preferences are?
  • Are you interested to get more insights on the indian market?

We create individual analysis of the market and the competitive activities. New markets have to be discovered, existing ones regularly checked with a market analysis. For many years, we have dealt with the well-founded development of markets and industries, always from the point of view of our customer and with a focus on individual questions. Information and analyzes that are determined are, for example:

  • Market size and market potential
  • External market factors
  • Specifics of the market
  • Customer segments
  • Competitive situation

Examples of international market analysis and competitive analysis can be found here:

Market analysis in India
Market analysis in Africa
Market analysis in China

We also provide:

  • Industry Profiles
  • Fact Sheets
  • Market Reports and Competitive Profiles
  • Benchmark Studies
  • Business Wargaming
  • Country Analysis and Location Analysis
  • Market Entry Studies
  • Market potential estimates
  • Product comparisons
  • Strength-Weakness Analysis (SWOT)
  • Scenario analysis
  • Thematic Factbooks

The results of the market analysis are communicated in the desired format, and in the corporate design of your company. Be it PowerPoint, Excel, Word or a web-based information portal. This can range from a brief overview and momentum up to a comprehensive, very detailed analysis. We research, analyze and communicate tailor-made. On request, we will present our findings personally on-site. We would be pleased to discuss your specific situation and our tried and tested approach in the preparation of market analysis with you.

Growth Strategy

  • Business Model Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • M&A Support
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Market Potentials

Market Expansion

  • Conquer New Markets & New Countries / Markt Expansion
  • Identify New Business Areas & Partners / Innovation
  • Attract New Clients / Target Groups

Stabilize your Business

  • Defend New Market Entrants / Competitor Intelligence
  • Increase Cost Structure Flexibility / Outsourcing
  • Improve Processes in Marketing & Sales
  • Stabilize Workforce / Change Management

We are using a proven 360 degree research methodology to gather value for our clients.