Strategy Business Games

  • Are you looking for a New Approach in Your Strategy Meetings?
  • Bored about one Powerpoint Presentation following the next?
  • Do you wonder how much you could benefit by “Playing” with your Market?
  • And how much Fun it can be?

What are Business Games?

We support our analysis with various Business Simulations. In the Intelligence area we are using the wargame approach and other approaches to help decision makers understand their market, competitors and implications of strategic movements better.

Why use a Business Game?

We are utilizing existing game simulations as well as developing customized solutions together with our clients.

Who can use Business Games?

That depends on the Game. Some are more suitable for Executives while others are more suitabe for Teamleaders or Employees.

How does it work?

Business Games can vary from 2 hours to 3 days and from 6 participants up to 300.

Business Games we offer

1. ​Driving Strategy

Focus: Strategic orientation, discussion of strategic movements 

2. ​Compete!

Focus: external market challenges, competitor reactions


3. ​Business Football

4. Move!

5. Wallbreakers (Developed by our Partner)

6. Gamechangers (Developed by our Partner)

Most of our Business Games are customized to our clients specific business environment and needs. Contact us to setup a Conference Call to discuss the Business Game approach with you.